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The new bankruptcy laws and filing for bankruptcy in Everett, Washington.

What happens with my creditors when I retain an attorney and file for bankruptcy?

Many creditors will stop contacting you for a payment once you tell them that you have retained the services of a bankruptcy attorney.  They know that they are unlikely to collect anything if you file bankruptcy in the near future.

Debt collection can be expensive for a creditor and there is no sense in trying to collect a debt that will be canceled soon in a bankruptcy.  Of course, we are happy to confirm the fact that our clients have retained us for bankruptcy, even if we are not quite ready to file your case yet.

Once your Everett bankruptcy is filed, all collection activity has to stop by law. This is referred to as the “automatic stay”.  Even if a creditor has sued you, has a judgment against you and is in the middle of garnishing you, it all stops once you file your case.

Some recently garnished funds even have to be returned to your. You can sue creditors who violate the automatic stay. Foreclosures and repossessions have to stop as well, though sometimes creditors can get permission to start again from a bankruptcy judge when you are behind on payments.

After you go through the bankruptcy process, a “discharge” is entered in your case. The discharge is an injunction prohibiting creditors from attempting to collect the discharged debt. You can sue creditors who violate this injunction. Some debts, such as student loans, fraudulent debts, child support, alimony and some taxes, cannot be discharged.

However, collection of tax and student loans are stayed while the bankruptcy is still active. It is important to get advice from an experienced attorney to find out if any of your debt can’t be discharged.

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