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An Everett bankruptcy can STOP your home foreclosure.

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Our Everett home foreclosure attorneys want you to understand that you have options if your currently behind on your mortgage or are facing foreclosure.  If you are currently facing an Everett home foreclosure, we may be able to help you save your home. 

The bankruptcy laws are here to protect people, especially during difficult financial period.  Our Everett Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys save dozens of homes from foreclosure every year throughout Western Washington.

Home loans in Washington State are either in the form of a mortgage or a deed of trust. Most people have deeds of trusts, which are easier to foreclose.  Mortgages are harder to foreclose for several reasons.  Our Everett house foreclosure lawyers can explain how the laws in this area work in much more detail during your initial consultation.

If you are behind on your payments, a lender must provide you with notice of their intent to foreclose.  You have at least four months after your lender provides you with this notice to do something to save your house.  If you are withing this window our Everett home foreclosure attorneys may be able to help you save your house. 

Of course, you can save your house by coming up with the entire amount you are behind on the payments. Most people who have suffered a drop in income or are overwhelmed by other debts cannot do this.

Our Everett home foreclosure attorneys are here to help you try and save your house from foreclosure.

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How can an Everett Chapter 13 help save my home from foreclosure?

An Everett Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks. This form of bankruptcy involves making payments on at least part of your debt for three to five years.

If you are behind on your mortgage, you can put together an Everett Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan to consolidate the amount you are behind on the mortgage with other debts and spread out the payments for as much as five years. 

While completing your Chapter 13 plan, you also have to stay current on your regular mortgage payments.  But you will not be paying on your unsecured debts, such as credit card bills, medical bills, lawsuits, repossessions, etc.  And, any wage garnishments will also stop.

You can also consolidate car loans, back taxes, student loans, fines – almost any debt – in a Chapter 13 plan.  If all you can do is pay back the amount you are behind on your mortgage in five years, you may be able to pay 0% on your other debt.  This means that you can literally wipe out 100% of you unsecured debts.

You may want to pay off car in a Chapter 13 or give it back to the creditor.  Whatever you don’t pay back in a Chapter 13 is discharged or cancelled, and these creditors are prohibited from trying to collect the debt ever again.

Some debt such as some taxes, child support and student loans cannot be discharged. You should talk to an attorney about how do put together a plan that works best for you. You are required to make your best efforts to pay back as much as you can and the 2005 bankruptcy law has made the standards stricter.

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys have experience saving countless homes from foreclosure through a Chapter 13.  It is important that your Everett house foreclosure lawyer understands how to deal with all the different kind of debt paid through the plan and leave you the most breathing space possible to catch up on your mortgage.

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers will listen carefully to your story and make sure that we understand your unique situation.  Your creditors may think you can pay back more than you actually can afford.  You need an experienced Everett bankruptcy attorney on your side to fight for your home in court.

If your home is worth less than your first mortgage, you can remove a second mortgage through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, congress did not reform bankruptcy laws to allow debtors to reduce the first mortgage, but the ability to remove a second mortgage could mean the difference between success and failure in a Chapter 13 plan.

Our Everett home foreclosure attorneys are always on the lookout for this and other ways to get the most out of the laws for our clients.

Other than relying on a Chapter 13, many people are able to modify their mortgages to get current while they are in bankruptcy.  Our Everett home foreclosure attorneys cannot do anything through the bankruptcy laws to force a lender to modify a mortgage, but we keep this possibility in mind. 

Our experience helping countless homeowners save their homes from foreclosure allows us to explore the many options you may have.

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