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How Bankruptcy Helps!

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Everett, WA Bankruptcy Attorneys

Wipe out your debts!

Keep your property and assets!

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Everett Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Low Flat Fees

Flexible Payment Plans

How Bankruptcy Helps

Skilled Everett, WA Bankruptcy Attorneys


  • Save your home, car, and other assets
  • Stop garnishments and foreclosures
  • Eliminate medical bills, credit cards and many other debts
  • Get rid of old income taxes
  • Stop lawsuits, judgments, and harassing letters and phone calls


The new laws have NOT changed your right to file, and most people who qualified before, can still qualify.  Let our Everett, WA bankruptcy attorneys pre-qualify you today!

You can still eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, and other debts

You CAN keep most, if not all, of your assets, and still be able to eliminate your debts. Most bankruptcy cases do not require people to give up any real or personal property

Your friends, family, and employer are not notified

There is no shame or stigma in filing a bankruptcy—it is your right under the US Constitution, and the Court will not look at your reasons for filing or judge you. Millions of people and businesses have had to file for bankruptcy protection due to the horrible economy, illness, or other hardships.


Your right under federal law

Quick (chapter 7 takes about 4 months, and relief is instant as soon as you file your case)

NOT the end to your ability to get credit again - many people are able to get credit again right after they file their cases.

Call us now for an initial consultation with one of our Everett bankruptcy lawyers.

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys have helped thousands of people from all walks of life to get a fresh financial start.  We have helped postal workers, dentists, contractors, small businesses, assembly workers, soldiers, retirees, and people from every field and of every age, who each have unique problems and solutions.

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers focus on bankruptcy and consumer law, and we will go over your situation with you in detail, and help you figure out your options.

You owe it to yourself to get solid answers from an experienced team.  Our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers will work closely with you to help you solve your financial issues.  And to boot, we prepare the paperwork, make sure it’s all done right, and walk you through the whole process!

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers also offer reasonable payment plans to fit your budget, and you will get INSTANT relief from creditor phone calls as soon as you retain our office, and let the creditors know you have counsel.  This is because the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a federal law, requires creditors to contact us instead of you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:  the “Fresh Start”

  • The most common kind of bankruptcy.
  • Is available to those with little or no money left over each month after paying their basic living expenses (no “disposable income”).
  • Takes about 4 months, but stops garnishments, law suits, repos, and other collection activity as soon as it’s filed.
  • Even will temporarily stop a foreclosure!
  • We can often help you get your license back if you lost it for unpaid accident claims.
  • Can discharge payday loans, personal loans, cell phones and other kinds of contracts, including leases.
  • Can permanently eliminate credit cards and medical bills.
  • Does NOT normally discharge student loans (in certain situations this can be done), and does not eliminate fines, restitution, fraudulent debt, or domestic support obligations, like child support and alimony.
  • Can be filed every 8 years under the new law.
  • Can give you relief from bills and garnishments, and free up a lot of money each month!

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: often called the “House Saver"

Is a Court-approved payment plan that usually lasts from 3 to 5 years. You are protected by the Court while you pay your creditors what you can afford to repay.

It is for people with disposable income (they have at least a little to pay back creditors each month).

You can pay back missed payments on your house, and save it from foreclosure.

If your first mortgage is larger than the value of your house, you may even be able to strip off your entire second mortgage!

You can even pay back the IRS, and discharge tax penalties along with credit cards and medical bills and other unsecured debts, just like a chapter 7.

In many instances, we can help you get your drivers license back.

If you filed a chapter 7 in the last 8 years, we may be able to do a low-payment chapter 13 plan instead, and still help you discharge most of your debts.

Call us now to speak with one of our skilled and knowledgeable Everett bankruptcy attorneys.

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Everett, WA Bankruptcy Lawyers

(425) 953-4326

Low Flat Fees

Flexible Payment Plans