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We are Everett bankruptcy attorneys, and we're here to help.  If you are struggling to pay your bills every month and just meet your basic necessities, you may want to consider filing a Snohomish County bankruptcy.  If you qualify, filing for bankruptcy is your guaranteed legal right.

The credit credit card companies and the bill collectors that do their dirty work want you to believe that filing for bankruptcy means in some way that you are a failure in life, or that are somehow a bad person.  This is completely untrue!  In fact, it borders on the absurd.  Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, many of these kinds of statements and actions are also unlawful.

The simple truth is that federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws are here for your protection.  By wiping out your qualifying debts and getting a fresh financial start, you are able to increase your monthly cash flow and get back on your feet.  As our Everett bankruptcy lawyers will explain, this also enables you to be come a financially productive member of our economy again, which benefits everyone.

Eliminate your debts. 

Secure a brighter future today.

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys help people who are having financial problems. We have over 25 years of combined bankruptcy law experience, and have helped thousands of people, from retirees to soldiers, to postal workers, to construction workers, to real estate agents and brokers, to small business owners, and people from all walks of life.

With our extensive bankruptcy experience, and our creative and personal approach, we find solutions that many other attorneys simply do not see - solutions that will help you to eliminate the maximum amount of debt, keep your assets, and get relief from bill collectors and their harassing phone calls, lawsuits and garnishments.

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers will help you eliminate debts and free up extra money each month, so you and your family can start over with a fresh financial future.  We offer affordable payment plans that work with your budget.  We do all the work, and prepare about 50-60 pages of court documents for you as part of our service.

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  • Stop all those harassing phone calls and letters
  • Stop lawsuits and garnishments
  • Stop a foreclosure sale – save your house
  • Stop the IRS and other taxing authorities
  • Protect your bank accounts and possessions from creditors
  • Discharge debts, and get a fresh start in life
Let our Everett bankruptcy attorneys help you get your life back on track!

Let our Everett bankruptcy lawyers help you secure a brighter future.

Filing for bankruptcy is your right under federal law.  It is part of our Constitution, and it is there to help people like you who are having problems paying their debts and monthly bills.  The Bankruptcy Court knows that people lose jobs, get sick, get divorced or separate from long-time partners, or make investments that go wrong. 

You will not be judged, and will not be asked how you got to where you are:  all that matters is how much income and expenses you now have, and that you have met the requirements to file a case and qualify for a discharge.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys understand that absolutely anyone can find themselves in financial difficulty.

We're here to help.


Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys can help you with all of the following:

  • Stop harassing phone calls and letters
  • Stop garnishments and lawsuits
  • Protect your car, truck, and other valuable.
  • Save your house from foreclosure
  • Eliminate credit card debts, medical bills, repossession debts, and most other unsecured debts.
  • We can even help you eliminate some tax debts in certain circumstances.

When our clients call for the first time, they are often very anxious, stressed, and worried.  They have trouble sleeping, and feel overwhelming pressure in their personal lives and at work - creditors even call their employers!   Many have only considered bankruptcy as a last resort. 

By the time they have finished the process, many clients tell us that they wonder why they waited so long to seek help.  As soon as our Everett bankruptcy lawyers file your case, it is AGAINST the law for bill collectors to call you, write to you, sue you, repossess your car or foreclose on your house, or garnish you.

You want and need answers.

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers have them.

Call us today for an initial consultation.

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Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers want you to understand your options. 

There is a way out.  Let us show you the path.

During your initial consultation we can answer your questions about:

Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Which is best for me?  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will help you decide.

1.    Chapter 7.   For people with little or no disposable income, who have not filed in the past 8 years.  Discharges most unsecured debt, like credit cards and medical bills.  Takes about 4 months.

2.   Chapter 13.  For people with disposable income.  A Chapter 13 can be filed 4 years after filing a chapter 7, for those who filed a 7  in the recent past.  A Chapter 13 can stop a foreclose and give you time to catch up.  A Chapter 13 can pay off old taxes, while the Court protects you from the IRS.  

YouA Chapter 13 can also often “cram down” your vehicle loan, balance and interest and pay less each month.  This frees up monthly income so that you and your family have enough to pay your regular bills each month.  A Chapter 13 also discharges unsecured debt like a chapter 7, unless you have enough left over to pay all or part of those kinds of debts. 

Credit card bills, medical bills, utility bills, other unsecured creditors:  How can bankruptcy help stop all those harassing phone calls during all hours of the day and night?  What happens to these bills in a bankruptcy?  Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers want you to know that you have very specific legal protections that start kicking in the minute that you retain our law firm.

One you have retained our services, our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will give you a special "creditor number".  Your creditors are then required to call our offices regarding all collection activities.  Additionally, the instant that your bankruptcy petition is filed with the court, an "automatic stay" is instantly put into place.  The automatic stay is one of the most important and powerful tools in the bankruptcy toolbox.

It immediately precludes your creditors from calling you regarding any debts.  It is federal law, and it is very powerful.  The automatic stay almost always stops all collection action immediately.  If your creditors continue to harass you, then they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which one of our Everett bankruptcy lawyers can explain in more detail during your initial consultation.

Garnishments and judgments: 
How can these be stopped

As soon as you hire us, creditors have to call us instead.  As soon as you file, the Automatic Stay protection of the bankruptcy court will protect you from any further action by creditors.

Vehicles:  How can my car be protected in a bankruptcy? 

How is a repossession stopped in a bankruptcy?  Filing your case stops all collection efforts, even repossessions.  If your vehicle is paid off or otherwise has equity, you have exemptions to protect it while you are in your case so that you can keep it.  Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers can explain how this works in more detail during your initial consultation

Foreclosures:  How can a bankruptcy save my house? 

A Chapter 7 can temporarily stop a foreclosure and buy you the time you need to seek other options.  A chapter 13 allows you to catch up on payments over a of time, usually three to five years.  Give us a call today to learn more about how our Everett bankruptcy attorneys can keep your home for being sold at a foreclosure sale.

My Credit:  How will a bankruptcy affect my credit score?   Will I be able to get credit again? 

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will go over this with you based on your particular situation.  Most people actually experience a rise in their credit scores after filing because their debt-to-income ratio typically improves dramatically.

Small Businesses:  How will a bankruptcy affect my business?  How can it help me?   Will I lose my business? 

If you operate a sole proprietorship, you may be able to use a chapter 13 to safely reorganize.   Many people, like sub-contractors, can file a chapter 7 safely because their businesses do not have value to a bankruptcy trustee.    A bankruptcy can help eliminate some debts entirely, and help you restructure the rest.

IRS and Taxes:  I owe back taxes.  How can bankruptcy help me?

Most income taxes older than three years old can be eliminated if you have filed your returns.  A chapter 13 plan can help you pay newer taxes over a period of time, and will eliminate penalties.  But this area can be complicated.  If you have back taxes that are old, be sure to raise the issue with one of our Everett bankruptcy attorneys.

Student Loans:  I heard that student loans cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy.  Is this true?  How can bankruptcy help me with student loan debt?

In some cases, student loans can be eliminated or reduced if you can prove an undue hardship for most of the repayment period, and that you have made a good faith attempt to pay your loans back.  This involves an additional case filing inside of your bankruptcy.

My Property:  Will I lose my vehicle, my house, or other property?

If you owe as much or more on something than it is worth, like a car, then it is completely safe as long as you keep making your payments.  You have “exemptions” in bankruptcy that protect your property, and so most bankruptcies do not lead to anyone losing their property.

This is one of the most important things an attorney needs to look at, and we will go over your possessions and other  property carefully.  We can help you to plan ahead, or do a chapter 13 where you get to keep everything and just pay your creditors the equivalent value of what the creditors would have received in a chapter 7.

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The simple truth is that our bankruptcy laws serve a very important function in our economy.  They allow you to wipe out your debts while keeping almost all of your property.

Our Everett bankruptcy and Snohomish County, WA debt relief lawyers file hundreds of Western Washington bankruptcy petitions every year.  We know the bankruptcy laws and can assist you in understanding your legal rights and options.  We understand the federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws.

Why wait?  If you can qualify, an Everett bankruptcy may be your best option.  To learn more, we invite you to call and speak with one of our Everett bankruptcy attorneys today. We can prequalify you and stop all harassing phone calls if you retain one of our Everett bankruptcy lawyers.

What is exactly is bankruptcy?

Get a fresh start today.

Filing an Everett Bankruptcy is a way for people in Snohomish County to get complete protection from the creditors to whom they owe money.  An Washington State bankruptcy stops nearly all collection actions, garnishments, and lawsuits dead in their racks.  The federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws are some of the most all-encompassing protections a person can invoke.

They are sweeping and like an asbestos blanket in a forest fire. If you qualify, they cannot be penetrated.  These legal rights and protections are guaranteed to stop all collection actions and enable to regain your financial footing.  A Washington State bankruptcy will protect you from all the harassing phone calls and will protect you from nearly all other creditor threats.  There is no more living in fear of the phone ringing.

If you qualify, an Everett bankruptcy is your legal right.

The bill collectors desperately don’t want you to know this simple fact.  But it’s absolutely true. Bankruptcy is one of your civil rights, and is provided for in the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4).  The important clause authorizes Congress to enact “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.”

In days gone by, people used to go to jail if they owed debts that they could not pay.  It’s true.  They were called “debtor’s prison”, and it was a scary but real fact of life.  The founding fathers of our country, however, realized that sometimes people and their businesses fall on hard times through no fault of their own.

Our economy is a funny animal that often drags people under even though they are working hard and trying to make the best decisions they can.  These economic uncertanties are scary and often unpredictable.  This is exactly why our federal and Washington bankruptcy laws are so important. 

Give us a call today.  One of our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will be more than happy to explain your rights and how we can help you and your family during this difficult financial time.  The only thing you have to lose are your debts.

Stop struggling.

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